Dark Horse

Extravagant cryptographic, stegnographic and otherwise enigmatic challenges for the bold.

All hunters, soulvers, puzzlers, scavengers invited to participate.

The First Cycle has concluded. Many Hunters participated in grand challenges, several brought home rare riches. The challenges of the First Cycle are all available on the Challenges page along with their solutions.

The Second Cycle is swirling through the aether of the mind, gathering more mass every day, forming a corporal state as pixels across the screen. The Second Cycle will come, but not on January 1st. These things take time, Hunters, and I would not set before you anything less than the grandest of challenges. Be patient, Hunters, and remain ever vigilant. There will be no surprises to the start of the first challenge of the next Cycle. Watch our Announcements and Twitter. More news to come.

All new information, alerts, hints will be posted on the Announcements page or via Twitter. Check back often.