Dark Horse


2021-12-31 The First Cycle has concluded. Many Hunters participated in grand challenges, several brought home rare riches. The challenges of the First Cycle are all available on the Challenges page along with their solutions.

The Second Cycle is swirling through the aether of the mind, gathering more mass every day, forming a corporal state as pixels across the screen. The Second Cycle will come, but not on January 1st. These things take time, Hunters, and I would not set before you anything less than the grandest of challenges. Be patient, Hunters, and remain ever vigilant. There will be no surprises to the start of the first challenge of the next Cycle. Watch our Announcements and Twitter. More news to come.
2021-12-01 It is finally here, the final challenge of a long journey through the First Cycle.
All challenges have been released, they are waiting for you, Hunters.
Join us at the table for a round of Goose Game.
2021-11-01 A play on words is not a play at all,
yet we will play together until one hunter can play the song of champions.
Carry on, Hunters and enjoy the show.
2021-10-01 Slowly we turn, spinning and orbitting, ever in motion.
Difficulties increase again, Hunters, but I am sure you are up for the challenge.
2021-09-01 Now we continue down the path together, Hunters.
You have proven yourself worth enough to be trusted with the greatest of secrets.
We travel together through sand and sun.
2021-08-01 Adventure awaits!
You have followed the path, Hunters. Here the road splits.
Two directions, but both must be followed. Through the stars and the mundane.
Discover the mystery.
2021-07-01 Some times we see, other times we hear.
Regardless, it is our logic and intuition that guide us.
Let them guide you today, Hunters, and listen closely.
Your journey continues here. Carry on.
2021-06-01 The method may be simple, but this challenge is surely not.
Find my ten bright friends, they'll help you sweep the pot.
For some you do and do and do, for others simply do.
I'm looking for a winner here. Hunter, will it be you?
2021-05-11 A small correction has been made to Lesson 3 of The Mobius.
The error should not have set you back significantly. The change is clear.
2021-05-01 Dressed up nice for your first day of school!
Hurry, Hunters! The bell is about to ring.
You better have remembered your pencil. Head to class.
2021-04-01 The final haystack was revealed far too soon and most of the Needles In Haystacks Challenge skipped through lucky circumvention.
We have learned through this. In the interest of Hunter's following the full path, the haystack has been reset.
The funds have been moved and are now only retrievable if the haystack is found afresh.
Apologies for the inconvenience, Hunters. Some day the puzzle will be worthy of the best of you. Some day.
Carry on.
2021-04-01 Mysteries are found in the minute. Through what you search is large, the for is small.
Keep a keen eye, Hunters, the first to find all the needles will take home the prize.
Initiate your search with a special surprise.
2021-03-06 To over come a challenge is a singularly fulfilling achievement.
Especially so, if that achievement comes with monetary benefit.
Yet, there is still oppurtunity for those still on their way to these achievements.
Dark Horse is now publishing solutions.
Learn, Hunters. And let the competition grow after each challenge.
2021-03-03 Mistakes are an unfortunate inevitibility of life.
Hunters, mistakes have been made. But not by you.
The portrait on the wall was a fake. This has been discovered and remedied.
As a salve to sooth the pains of wasted time I offer you this:
  • The only material change to the portrait is the PK.
  • The method to pass through the portrait has been discussed in multiple public forums. Although, still not full understood.
  • No hunter has yet passed through the portrait, the announced breach was yet another false positive.
I give these to you in good faith. Go forth with confidence. Darkness awaits you.
2021-03-02 Dark Horse exists to challenge all Hunters who would walk the path.
Yet, arbitrary inconveniences to the journey are simply... inconvenient.
False positives loom around us all, therefore the challenge mechanatia has been altered to reduce such... inconvenience.
Follow the path. Happy Hunting.
2021-03-01 We are all a sum of quirks and personality.
Today, Dark Horse gains a personality.
Introducing ubik, inviting you into the dark.
2021-02-01 A new month, a new challenge.
The Tabula Revolvi was unlocked and solved in a mere 8 hours.
You're hunting skills are quite good, but there will always be another challenge.
Continue down the path, Hunter, with The Cube.
2021-01-01 The First Cycle has begun.
Look to @dh_olifant for future communications.
Challenge awaits: Tabula Revolvi
2020-12-15 Intro Puzzle posted. Reddit.
Let your thirst be slaked with this introductory puzzle. Enjoy.
2020-11-23 Public Announcement. Reddit.
First Puzzle ready for deployment in January.
2020-10-27Site Created